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Consignor referral incentives

The Divvy UP would love to have you help spread the word about our great consignment sales. As an incentive, we'd like to help you earn more money on your consignments.

Incentive: Earn 75% - You can increase your consignor percentage to 75% by helping us get five new people to consign. Talk to your neighbors, family and friends to include them in this great sale. In order to gain this extra percentage, make sure you are referred to by name when your referrals drop of their qualifying items (at least 25 items). They must also have never consigned with us before.

Advertising Incentives

You know best who would benefit from our sales. We could use your help in spreading the word. As an incentive for helping us advertise, you get to shop at our pre-sale.

To enjoy our pre-sale, place 200 fliers with at least five different child-based establishments or groups (childcares, play groups, gymnastics and dance studios, pediatrician/OB offices, etc.). Fliers will be supplied by us, you just let us know where you placed them. If this interests you, please email us.