Merchandise Prep

Step 1: Decide what to sell 

  • Please review the list of acceptable items to help you determine what to bring to the sale.
  • Winter clothings such as boots, coats, gloves, etc are only accepted during our fall sale. Pants, jackets, and hats are accepted at both sales. Halloween costumes are also only accepted in the fall.
  • Please carefully inspect each item. Please bring only items that are freshly laundered and show little sign of wear. We want our shoppers to have the best items to choose from. Brand names are great sellers. ALL ITEMS will be inspected at check in and must be in clean and usable condition. Please do not bring items with stains, holes, excessive general wear, wear on knees or broken zippers.

Step 2: Enter your items on our online system and print your tags 

  • Enter each item individually into our online system. Each item will be assigned a barcode and you’ll be able to track your items during the sale.
  • After you log onto the website click on Consignment Sale dates for the next upcoming sale. Then click on the "Work with Consigned Inventory" tab where you can view items already entered or enter additional items.
  • Repeat consignors may choose to move unsold items from previous sales when they re-register for upcoming sales, Tags DO NOT need to be reprinted for each sale. Simply make them active for the current sale.  Please make sure tags are printed clearly on white cardstock so they scan easily.
  • For each item you will enter the following information:
    • Item name - (eg. Blue Columbia Winter Coat)
    • Item Description - (eg. Blue coat with black underarms - the more description you include the better we can reunite lost tags to their correct items.
    • Category - Please choose the best category for each item. This will help keep things organized at the sale. If you don’t find a match for an item, select misc. and include a detailed description.
    • If you selected a clothing or shoe category, a size drop down menu will appear for you to select a size. Please select the best size for each item. If it says size 8, but it fits more like a 6, either select size 6 or 8 and make a note in the description. Please do not use S, M, L & XL (except for maternity clothing,) so that clothing can be placed in the correct area.
    • Choose a price - Keep in mind the 1/3 pricing guidline. Items generally sell for 1/4 - 1/3 of their original price. Furniture and baby equipment sometimes sell for 1/3 – 1/2 their original price. If an item is brand new or in excellent shape you can round up. If it is a discount brand or a bit faded, round down. Try not to attach sentimental value to your items. Please keep prices in 50 cent increments.
    • Decide if you want your item included in the half-price day of the sale. A large check mark will print on each tag for items included in this sale. If your goal is to make money and clear clutter from your life, then the half price sale is the way to go!
    • Decide if you want to pick up any unsold items or donate them. Pick-up times will be strictly enforced! Any items not picked up will become property of The Divvy Up or be donated to charity.
    • Once your items are entered online, print them on WHITE CARDSTOCK ONLY! (available at office supply stores and Wal*Mart) Regular weight paper tears and wrinkles easily, making it difficult to scan. We cannot sell items without tags so you want your tags attached as securely as possible!

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Step 3: Clean, Prepare, and Tag your items 

  • Cleaning
    • Clothing must be in tip top shape. Freshly launder and iron all clothing. Inspect clothing and repair any zippers, snaps, or buttons that don’t work. Wash all shoes and shoe laces. We do not accept clothing with stains, holes, or tears. Please inspect your items in both natural sunlight as well as indoor light. Remove any cloth parts from baby gear and wash them. We recommend a soaking agent such as Biz or Oxyclean, wash in cold water and line dry. Hand wash all parts before reassembling items. Lysol wipes and Mr. Clean magic easers are great tools for cleaning toys, furniture, and baby gear such as strollers and high chairs. Even out door items need to be clean! The better an item is presented the more likely it is to sell. Ask yourself, "Would I purchase this in the shape I’m presenting it in?"
  • Preparing and Tagging
    • Watch this video clip for hanging instructions.  MORE VIDEOS FOUND HERE

    • CLOTHING - Clothing must be hung on sturdy plastic or wire hangers. Wire hangers work the best, but plastic will be permitted. Please only use child size hangers for smaller items, make sure it is secure on the hanger so it cannot slip off. Pant hangers with sturdy clamps will be permitted if the item is secure! Hangers that come on items purchased from stores break easily and are more difficult to pin to. They will be permitted, but at the consignors own risk. Items must hang so that the hanger forms the shape of a question mark when looking at the front if the item. Complete outfits sell better than individual items. Hang the shirt on the hanger and attach the pants to the back of the shirt (so they are back to back) with large pins through pants, shirt, and shoulder part of the hanger. Tag must be safety pinned to the upper right part of the clothing so that tags can easily be read by shoppers Use large safety pins to attach pants (or anything else that might slip off) to hangers to avoid slipping off. Use large safety pins to attach any accessories to the outfit.
    • SHOES - Tie pairs together with shoelaces, yarn, or zipties (no boxes, please). Tag should be safety pinned to the top of the shoe by the shoelace, yarn, or ziptie—not taped to the bottom.
    • BOOKS - Attach tags to the BACK of the book with clear packing tape or painters tape.  If selling books as a set, tie together with a string like a package so that the shoppers can read each title in the set. Then secure the tag with a safety pin to the string or tape to the back of the books.
    • BEDDING, COMFORTERS, SHEET SETS - There are two ways to prepare these items. You may use a large clear plastic bag to place the items in. Do not tape the bag shut, we will do this AFTER inspection. Attach the tag to the outside of the bag with clear packing tape above the line. If you prefer, you may tie the items together with ribbon or string, like a package. Pin the tag to the item.
    • LOOSE ITEMS - Bibs, cloth diapers, hair bows, neck ties, etc. need to be placed in clear ziplock bags with the tag attached to the outside of the bag with a safety pin or clear packing tape. Sets of onzies sell better if they are grouped and placed on a hanger. Use a large safety pin to pin through the shoulder of each onzie and through the shoulder part of the hanger on each side. Turn them back to back so that shoppers can easily inspect them.
    • TOYS - Playsets with both large and small parts should be packaged so that the small parts are inside a clear Ziploc bag and attached to the large part so that pieces do not go missing. Outside toys are great sellers, but they need to be clean and presentable. Attach tags with safety pins or clear packing tape above the line only. All toys need to be in working condition with batteries included.
    • DVD, VIDEO GAMES - These items must be in original cases! Do not tape the box closed, we will do this after inspection. Use clear packing tape to secure tags to the back of the case. We do not take VHS tapes. 
    • PUZZLES- Please make sure all pieces are present, boxes can be secured with painters tape. If you have large wood puzzles, please do not use packing tape across them as it pulls of the pictues. Please secure pieces on the board with seran wrap. We do not take puzzles in bags that are missing the box. 

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Step 4: Deliver Your Items 

  • Please check our Calendar for check in dates and times. Please have your items on hangers and tagged when arriving at check in.
  • You will receive your pre-sale pass upon check-in.
  • After your items have been accepted and checked-in, you will hang your items yourself. To save time, sort your clothing according to gender and size prior to arriving at the sale.

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Step 5: The Fun Part 

  • If you choose to volunteer during the sale, you’ll be allowed to shop the pre-sale even earlier!
  • Shop during your designated pre-sale time
  • Check your items on-line during the sale. The website will be updated each night.
  • Pick up any unsold items that you do not wish to donate.
  • Watch for your check to arrive in the mail!

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