Acceptable Items

To maintain the highest quality in our sales, we ask that all items be clean (without stains, no missing buttons, holes or broken zippers), pressed and ready to sell. All battery operated items must work and include batteries.

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NOTE - Wire hangers work best (but are not required) for clothing as they are easier to pin clothing to.

How to prepare and tag your items or Videos here

Acceptable Items include

  • Books and games with all pieces
  • Puzzles with all pieces (no puzzles in baggies, must be in orginal box)
  • Childrens Furniture
    • Bunk beds, childrens beds, dressers, desks, toddler beds/mattresses, changing tables, etc. We will not accept cribs or antique furniture.
  • Children's clothing
    • We accept boys and girls clothes sizes preemie through size 16 and junior girls through size 13.
    • Clothing should be hung on hangers so the hanger makes a question mark. Single pants should be hung and pinned to the hanger. Clothing that have a pants/shorts and a shirt should be hung with the pants/shorts pinned through the back of the shirt and hanger at the same time (so that clothes don't tear) at the shoulders so shoppers can see both items. Please don't label items as S, M, L (except maternity and nursing clothing)- but instead put what the numerical size is.
    • Clothing will sell better when grouped together as a set or outfit.
    • Tights, hair accessories, and socks can be placed in a clear plastic bag and sealed with packing tape. Place tag on the outside.
    • Remember the little extra time you put into presenting your clothing will pay off. Shoppers are more likely to buy your item if it is ironed and neat- make sure all buttons, zippers and snaps work. Please no stains, holes or tears.
    • Onsies must be on a hanger, pinned together. Please no onsies in baggies. 
  • Shoes- boys and girls up to youth size 5
    • Shoes can be attached together with a zip tie, ribbon or by tying the shoe laces together. Attach your tag with a safety pin or punch a hole in it and attach it to your laces or ribbon. Please do not bring shoes in a box, as they are easily separated. Understand that quality is of utmost importance to us so please bring clean, nice shoes to sell.
  • Hair bows
    • Place all loose items in a Ziploc bag and secure with packing tape. Tape or pin your label to the outside of the bag.
  • Halloween costumes and coats
    • Halloween costumes and coats are only accepted at the Fall Sale.
  • Scout uniforms and sports uniforms
  • Maternity clothing
    • Please make sure your maternity clothing is within the current style.
  • Toys in working condition
    • Toys with small pieces can be placed in a Ziploc bag and secured with packing tape with the tag on the outside so the package doesn't get opened. Please check your toys with the recall list to see if your toys are not resellable. All toys need working batteries. Please make sure stuffed animals are clean. 
  • Nursery decorations - no home decorations please
  • Dance clothes/shoes
  • Riding toys in working condition
  • DVDs/video games
    • Not only do children's movies sell well, but movies on parenting and movies with educational content sell well. We will not sell movies above a PG-13 rating. Books could include those for children, teens, pregnancy, parenting, teen issues, children's religion, etc. We will not sell books written for adults. Tag books carefully, place the tag on the outside if it will not damage the cover. Another option is to group similar books together and wrap them lengthwise and width wise with string or ribbon, placing the tag underneath the string. Children's software, educational games, board games and flash cards are also welcome. All DVD's and games need to be in case.
    • We are no longer taking VHS tapes. 
  • Play houses/outside toys
  • Prom dresses
  • Children's bikes, tricycles,skateboards and scooters
    • In clean, working condition.
  • Sporting equipment
  • Back packs and children's dress up items
  • Blankets and bedding
    • Please try to secure bedding together with pins as to keep all pieces together. Shoppers like to look at all pieces before buying. Bedding in good condition of all sizes is accepted. Limited to 5 items
  • Infant items - swings, exer-saucers, play gyms, high chairs, stroller- all must have working batteries and be spotless clean.
  • Junior clothing- limited to 15 items, please bring current styles only

Items not accepted:

  • pacifiers
  • breast pumps
  • underwear (unless new in package)
  • Cribs
  • Pack and plays unless manufactured AFTER Feb 2013
  • Carseats
  • Bumbo chairs without the safety harnesss
  • Mens clothing