About the DivvyUP

The Divvy UP was started by two local moms for the benefit of local families. We wanted to make buying and selling baby and children items EASY and FUN. Our semi-annual sales provide cost savings to shoppers and added income for consignors.

Why it is so easy to be a Consignor?

Our fully automated on line system allow consignors to price their own items, deliver their prepared and tagged items to the sale site and then sit back and wait for their check to arrive. It's just that easy! No more sitting all day at a garage sale waiting to haggle the price of your goods. We do the selling for you.

Each sale is like a reunion of sorts for the women and men who volunteer to run the sale. Volunteers earn pre-sale shopping privileges.

Shoppers love it!

Shoppers love the convenience of being able to purchase gently-used items that have been inspected for quality in an organized and clean environment. It is a one stop shopping experience- so easy to find what you need and know that you are getting the best quality and value for your dollar.

Local charities appreciate The Divvy UP too!

After each sales event, we give any unsold times that are donated by our consignors to local charities for the benefit of the community. We want to help those in our community and appreciate your donations after the sale.

Thank you visiting The Divvy UP, and we hope to see you at one of our great sales!