Consignor Information

The Divvy Up is a Semi-Annual Children’s sale where anyone can earn money by consigning their gently used children’s items and save money when they shop at the sale. We sell sizes newborn to big kids size 16, as well as Juniors 0-13.

You can become a consignor now by clicking on the Sign Up link on the top of the page. If you are already a member you login at the top the page to sign up for the next sale.

Click here for location information.

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Why Consign?

  • The Divvy Up makes it easy to sell your gently used kids items so that you earn a little and also save a little when you shop.
  • We do all the advertising and attract more customers than a garage sale. Think of thousands of people looking for exactly what you are selling!
  • The Divvy Up shoppers are willing to pay a more than garage sale prices because they know each item has been carefully inspected for cleanliness and wear. All items are organized and displayed professionally.
  • Once your items are prepared and delivered, your work is done. Just wait for your check to arrive!
  • Consigners (with at least 25 acceptable items) get to shop a day before the public. Volunteer and you’ll be shopping even earlier! Shopping early is the best way to get the best deals.
  • Less complicated than online auctions. No photographing, collecting money or trips to the post office... and no creepy meet ups with strangers. 
  • It’s fun to meet other consigners and volunteers with the same interests as you.

The Divvy Up makes consigning easy and fun, while you remain in control!

  • Step 1
    Enter your items into our online system. You set the price and decide if you want to include it in the half price day on the final day of the sale. You also choose which items you want donated to charity if they are unsold at the end of the sale.
  • Step 2
    Prepare your items. Click on the merchandise preparation & acceptable items for step by step instructions for cleaning and tagging your items so they look great at the sale. Remember the better each item looks the more likely it is to sell.
  • Step 3
    Deliver your items to The Divvy Up Sale Site during the scheduled time. Then just relax and wait for your items to sell.
  • Step 4
    After the sale, pick up any unsold items that you do not wish to donate. You will receive your check within 3 weeks after the sale ends.
    Total Sales x 60%* - $12 fee = YOUR NET PROCEEDS
    * or more if you meet requirements

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